Design for VR - Project Showcase 2021

Here presented are the outcomes from the course DE677: Design for Virtual Reality (Autumn Semester 2021).
Course Duration: 2 weeks
Project Developement: 1 week

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Jagat Jamini: A VR Experience

VR Unity

Team: Birendra Sing | Samadrita Sarkar | Soumyoprabho Mukherjee | Stuti Prakashkumar

Through VR, we wish to bring 2D static paintings to life through layered elements recreated in the painting style of Jamini Roy. Jamini Roy was an Indian Artist consciously rejected Western artistic styles and developed a more 'Indian' form of artistic expression. Virtual reality allows for more immersive art experiences that engage the user to explore beyond the 2 Dimensions of traditional art. We aimed to bring various scenes from his paintings to life by placing the different elements from 5 different paintings with supporting experiential audio, set among a village rendered in the painting style of the artist. We see application of such an immersive experience in art museums and schools to tell stories and view traditional Indian art in a new interactive way.

Screenshots from Jagat Jamini VR application

Falling Apples: An AR Game

AR Unity

Team: Jribh Shandilya | Radhika | Arshiya Gahlot

Falling Apples in AR is a fun yet simple game which uses marker based augmented reality to generate 3D apples falling within the space. The objective of the game is to catch as many falling apples as possible. The user holds the marker in one hand which renders a 3D bowl in the space seen through the smartphone’s camera above the marker and the user has to hold their smartphone in another hand and play this game. In the space around the player, apples would be falling from random directions within a 360 degrees plane. The game allows the user to experience movement in six degrees of freedom. If the apples touch the bowl, or fall inside it the score increases. We developed this game on Vuforia Engine in Unity 3D. The game runs on two major C# scripts one of which is to spawn and generate apples till the time game continues and another one to increase score variable when the apples fall on the marker rendered 3D bowl meant for catching apples. For the given time and scope, this project deploys this simple game strategy which could be extended to a more complex game logic like introducing the concept of rotten apples which reduces the game score in order to make the game more interesting and adding further levels to it.

AR Globe

AR Unity

Team: Divya Gagnani | Shivanee Dhakate | Shamil Iqbal

Our AR Globe is a physical globe with the world map printed on it. A person with the AR Globe app can scan their phone over this physical globe. The app’s image tracking API reads markers for each country placed on it and pops up 3D models of important landmarks of each along with a greeting in the national language. A person can chose to explore more information about that country while the app’s AR camera is still active. The information displayed in a flexible card layout can cater to varied interest groups- from general information to news and stock market activity, history, geography, politics and much more. As the person moves the phone away from the defined range for one country to the next, the app reacts by popping up a new 3D model.

Dine-AR: Food Menu Visualization


Team: Shrikrishna Malji | Anurag Singh | Sumedh Narnaware | Amit Patjoshi

We are using Augmented Reality to help customers better visualise the quantity of the food that is going to be ordered from a menu. The users will be able to see the food items in 3D kept on a table in front of them.

Dine-AR (WebXR Prototype).

For more information, visit the Project Link.

World at War

VR Unity

Team: Aritra Mukherjee | Anjali Sohal | Darshan Chavhan

The project attempts to present an experience of a common person in a war-stricken area. The user will see and hear elements that are similar to what one does in a war-torn space.

Location & Audio Based AR Treasure Hunt

AR Unity

Team: V M Lokesh Kumar | Neha Balasundaram | Suchitra Swain

This is a location based treasure hunt game, where the clues are displayed in AR, and sound is used to locate the clues. The user has to start at the start point with an initial clue. Then they must follow the clues, and reach the spot. They can then seek out the treasure box with music volume as a radar (doppler effect). The treasure box becomes visible as they approach, and in close proximity with the keyhole the treasure opens and gives the next clue. They must then continue and find the final treasure at the end of the game and they can also look out for Easter eggs. The AR+GPS Location package brings the ability to position 3D objects in real-world geographical locations via their GPS coordinates using Unity and Augmented-Reality. It supports both Unity's AR Foundation and Vuforia. Each location marker is associated with a certain prefab, who’s properties we can customise. We use colliders to detect the player's proximity and 3D sound for the audio input.

AR Escape Game

AR Unity

Team: Santhanakrishnan Durairaj | Abhishek Ayush | Nagaaswin N | Alex Jose

In this AR escape game the users would find themselves inside a transparent tank. There would be water balloons coming towards the tank. The tank would get filled with water if the balloons are not distroyed in time.

Fire Escape: VR Game using Spatial Audio

VR Unity

Team: Ananda Bathena

This project looks at navigation in a 3D space without the help of visuals, and using only spatial audio. The mobile VR game is designed such that one would have to rely on spatial audio cues to move from one point to other and eventually reach a specific destination.

Covidefeat: AR Game

AR Unity

Team: Khyati Priya

Most people have been locked inside their homes for a long time as a result of the worldwide pandemic. Working/Studying in an online mode leads to sitting in the same posture for long. CoviDefeat, an AR app, is intended to gamify physical movements. Virus cells keep appearing from random directions. Find them, shoot them, and enjoy!