Design for VR - Project Showcase 2023

Here presented are the outcomes from the course DE677: Design for Virtual Reality (Autumn Semester 2023).
• Course Duration: 2 weeks
• Project Developement: 1 week

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Fusion - Universal interactions for XR

VR MR Quest Unity

Team: Vinay Kumar | Karan Tanna | Ankit Saroha | Abhinav S

Fusion stands for file transfer and universal sync for immersive and other networks. Fusion is an exploration of novel, intuitive, one-handed interactions that connect virtual and physical worlds. In this project, we are primarily exploring four interactions, which include scrolling, text selection, text input using real-world devices, and file transfer between VR headset and non-immersive physical devices. This can be extended to various other use cases.

For more information, visit the Project Link.

शहAR: Town Builder

AR Quest Unity

Team: Saloni Shetye | Mann Merchant | Lakshya Ranwan | Sharvil Survase | Sanat Prasad

शहAR is an interactive AR town builder. By placing dedicated markers, users can generate houses, shops, offices, roads, and many more objects to create a unique, custom town of their liking. Through inter-marker interactions, they can also combine certain buildings to create larger versions of them. The objective of this interactive application is to explore your creativity and have fun.

For more information, visit the Project Link.

EyeScape - Simulating visual challenges

VR Quest Unity

Team: Priyadarshi Satyam | Elvira Mishra | Rani Panit | Dhanraj Singh

EyeScape is an immersive VR experience of visual challenges. The user will be transported to spaces that force them to view the world through the lens of someone visually differently-abled. This experience is meant to evoke empathy as well as understanding for the people with these conditions. This experience will be helpful for those who care for individuals with these conditions as well as people who would like to understand their daily struggles.

For more information, visit the Project Link.

Out of Stock - Bike customization using AR

AR Mobile Unity

Team: Sarthak Sridhar Rao | Rajdeep Sutradhar | Kulkarni Vedang Uday | Paresh Baliram Bhandarkar

‘Go out of Stock’ is an AR visualisation project for bike enthusiasts who want to go beyond stock offerings. Using a network of tangible AR markers, users can toggle through and modify individual parts of a bike as it takes shape. The application uses the proximity of markers and their relative orientation with each other, to help toggle between and select different parts of a bike.

For more information, visit the Project Link.

PopOS - Playful spatial interactions

VR MR Quest Unity

Team: Sparsh Gupta | Prince Agarwal | Tarun Pahadiya | Karani Harsh Yogesh Meena

PopOS is an attempt to explore amusing and playful interactions and apply them to basic functions of OS, like opening & closing applications/windows, accessing control panel settings and resizing of windows in a virtual space. The interactions are metaphorically drawn from pop culture, like Pokemon balls, Spiderman web shooting and Ironman’s left arm virtual control.


AR Mobile Unity

Team: Pabboju Vaishnavi | Agnes Dora R | Khedekar Mansi Santosh | Pooja Kumari

Catleap is an augmented reality (AR) experiential artwork that immerses users in the vast and fascinating realm of interactive art. Midnight, a mysterious black cat who serves as your devoted friend and guide across the ages, is at the centre of this one-of-a-kind odyssey. It leaps its way across artworks inspired by great movements throughout history. When users activate the app and enter this captivating realm of augmented reality, they leave with an unforgettable experience.

For more information, visit the Project Link.


VR Quest Unity

Team: Aparajita Prasad | Souvik Das | Prathamesh Sawant | Prince R

Introducing We-Are-BnB, revolutionising property booking with immersive virtual tours. Prospective guests can explore the property's layout, design, and ambience from anywhere and can virtually visit multiple properties in a short amount of time. We-Are-BnB allows users to experience properties in their own way, exploring rooms, details, and amenities that matter most to them and reduces the likelihood of guests being disappointed upon arrival.

VR SAFE - Exploring password interactions in VR

VR MR Quest Unity

Team: Shivani verma | Anisha Verma | Anjanesh Indranil | Yash H. Bharani

VR SAFE is a virtual reality experience, in which users create and input passwords to unlock various elements. This project aims to explore the usability of password entry within a 3D virtual environment, utilising innovative interaction methods. The deliverable will include the analysis, focusing on usability, memorability, and feasibility.

For more information, visit the Project Link.

Virtual Try-on

AR Mobile Unity

Team: Pratyush Balaram | Shubham | Koyyana Sai Krishna | Sudhanshu Ranjan

In the fast-evolving world of fashion and beauty, the AR Virtual Try-On App emerges as a groundbreaking solution, revolutionising the way consumers shop for clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. This innovation harnesses the power of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create a seamless and immersive virtual shopping experience.

For more information, visit the Project Link.

Ocean SOS

AR Mobile Unity

Team: Puja Saha | Muskan Bagaria | Pallavi Soni | Girish Kishore

OceanSOS is an augmented reality (AR) experience designed to bring awareness about the pressing issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. This project aims to engage and motivate people to actively support marine conservation and reduce plastic waste.

EASE - Enhancing Application-Space Experience

VR MR Quest Unity

Team: Sukesha Ghosh | Singh Suraj Dharmendra Kiran | Siva M U | Kumavat Sukhadev Taradevi

EASE is a prototype that aims to enhance the workspace of applications by providing access to tabs and other essential options in mixed reality (MR). It seamlessly syncs with real-time software, ensuring that your work is continuously saved on the real-world screen. This feature allows you to continue your work even after removing a headset.

Jar - Novel interactions for memories (data) in VR

VR Quest Unity

Team: Muddu Venkata Deva Harsha Reddy | Anmol Kashyap | Vasa Padmanabham Sreenivasa Rao Padmaja Rani | Biswajit Das

Jar is an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience. It's an attempt to explore a radicalized workspace layout moving away from the conventional 2D digital desktops and moving towards a physical desktop metaphor. The exploration involves new ways of visualizing and interacting with data. Jar can be thought of a space with containers having information inside. The goal is to provide its user the freedom to utilize the virtual space in personalizing data or their memories.

Rags to Riches

VR-Film Quest Mobile

Team: Arhan Sarkar | Sumeet Shridhar Birje | Abhishek Kushwaha | Abhishek Yadav

The story follows Babul, a young poet who, in a fit of frustration, discards his diary of poems. One day, his poems mysteriously resurface in an unexpected way. Babul grapples with regret as he witnesses his own work becoming famous.

CAR Experience

AR Mobile Unity

Team: Navneet Maharana | Wasim Salih T | Mahamuni Aditya Padmakar | Piyush Talwar

CAR experience is an immersive AR application in which we can view a car in its full scale using a phone or a tab. We can customise its features and drive it as well, all inside the comfort of our room. We can compare various cars and look at the interiors and specifications as well, so as to make a definitive decision about buying the car.

AR Guide

AR Mobile Unity

Team: Piyush Talwar | Ritik Verma | Sangam Manoj Pazare | Hedaoo Mohit Vishwanath

AR Guide is an innovative augmented reality (AR) application designed to elevate the tourist experience by providing a comprehensive and immersive understanding of Indian UNESCO World Heritage structures. This application leverages the power of AR technology to offer tourists a unique and enriching way to explore and appreciate these historical monuments, allowing them to delve deeper into the intricacies of the architectural marvels that have earned UNESCO recognition. Through the lens of AR Guide, travellers can gain insight into the structural and historical significance of these monuments, fostering a deeper appreciation for India's rich cultural heritage.

Gem Quest

AR Mobile Unity

Team: Pandit Shubham Pravin Sneha | Siladitya Samir | Aaron Chen Lepcha | Banasmita Das

Gemquest reimagines the charm of traditional board games through AR. Designed as a single-player game (though shareable with friends), this is a mystery puzzle, requiring the player to solve clues. Drawing inspiration from jigsaw puzzles and mystery games, Gemquest presents a unique quest where players must unravel three clues to obtain a priceless ancient gem. This AR adventure employs physical map pieces as tangible markers, which the player will have to interact with. The player is tasked with selecting the correct combination of three map pieces. This selection unlocks a cryptic passcode, the key to unveiling the concealed gem, and signals the triumphant end of the game.

For more information, visit the Project Link.

Kill ‘Em All

VR Quest Unity

Team: Harish Hemanth D | Akashnath M. | Muhammed K Abdulla | Sangeeth Sivan M

Kill 'Em All is a virtual reality (VR) game set in an IIT Bombay hostel plagued by mosquito infestations. The objective is simple — eliminate as many mosquitoes as possible within a given time. It has three distinct difficulty levels, additional bonus weapons, and a mission to eradicate mosquitoes.

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