Design for XR - Project Showcase 2024

Here presented are the outcomes from the courses DE712 - Immersive Media Design & DE324 - Digital Media Technologies (Spring Semester 2024).
• Course Duration: 3 weeks
• Project Developement: 2 weeks

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Amorphi: Discovering the story as you move

AR AR-Core Unity

Team: Ankita Thakur | Evana Pallivathukkal | Khushboo singh

‘Amorphi’ is a mobile AR application where users find four hidden pictures to reveal a story. Each picture uncovers a part of the narrative, encouraging users to explore. Through AR technology, Amorphi offers an interactive storytelling experience combining the world of perceptual art and illusions with technology to offer an accessible storytelling experience. Embark on a journey where discovery leads to revealing the narrative. The seed of this experiment is scalable to various domains of communicative design, education etc.

Dive: Immersive Generative Art

VR Quest Unity

Team: Hayat Tamboli | Yashwant Rawat | Anumeha Patoria | Tanmay Kuwalekar

As technology advances, so does the way we experience art. With immersive art experiences, we are no longer just observers; we are participants in the artwork.

It can allow us to experience art and connect with artwork in richer and fuller ways. Here is our attempt to make a Tool / Pipeline which can help people to make art that they can experience and share.

DIVE is a tool designed to revolutionize the way we create, experience, and share art.With DIVE, you can generate art using intuitive node-based controls, bringing your artistic vision to life in stunning detail.

But DIVE is more than just a creative tool—it's an experience. Feel the immersive power of your creation as it surrounds you, enveloping you in a world of your own making. And when you're ready, share your masterpiece with the world. Invite others to experience your art firsthand, or collaborate with friends to create something truly unique.

Trebbles: A VR Waterscape

VR Quest Unity

Team: Nitya Vyas | Saikat Biswas | Pawan Kumar | Elvira Mishra

For years, water bodies have been a source of comfort and solace, with the rushed lives we lead - there is little time to catch a break, let alone travel to magical locations.

We present to you, a relaxing experience which reels you into the immersive environment - where you can explore the land around you and enjoy the views, and possibly ponder and contemplate.

‘Trebbles’ transports you back to a simpler time, where you would skip pebbles into lakes, with a whiff of magic and fantasy. The spatial sounds, the beautiful fireflies and the hidden Easter eggs give you opportunities to explore and discover the waterscape on your own.

Majboori: VR Film

VR-Film Quest Mobile

Team: Yash Karanjavkar | Sidharth Goutham | Namit Tirkeye

‘Majboori’, is a 360 VR film, different from traditional storytelling. With every turn of your head, immerse yourself in the everyday routine of Ansh’s life, the protagonist, an ordinary guy with a rather not so ordinary story waiting to unfold. Little does he know, behind the scenes, Ansh’s friends are orchestrating a surprise for him.

Experience the joy, camaraderie, and unexpected moments of connection that makes Ansh’s everyday life truly special, or rather unique. All from your own unique perspective of a 360-degree virtual reality journey.

स्VR (Svar): Devanagri Text Input in VR

VR MR Quest Unity

Team: Yash Kothari | Zoha Hamid | Dhairyasheel Pawar | Prajwal Kulkarni

Currently no typing support exists for Indic scripts, especially for Devanagari text input. Introducing ‘Svar’, a tool designed as an attempt to streamline Devanagari script input within virtual reality environments. Our aim is to enable users to type in Devanagari characters using intuitive hand gestures.But Svar isn't just about convenience; it's about immersion. Our keyboard tries to integrate Devanagari script seamlessly into VR environments, opening up new possibilities for exploration and expression.

Locus: Brainstroming in VR

VR MR Quest Unity

Team: Anshika Gangwar | Riddhi Gadodia | Manu Krishnan | Anoof P K | Ahmad Hussain

‘LOCUS’ redefines project planning and whiteboarding in the virtual realm, providing a dynamic platform for collaborative creativity. With intuitive features such as writing tools, sticky notes, and the ability to annotate 3D objects, it empowers users to brainstorm and strategize with ease. The circular space design fosters natural engagement and fluid interactions, while functionalities like scaling and rotating objects offer flexibility in visualizing ideas. Teams can seamlessly collaborate, iterate, and transform concepts into actionable plans within the immersive environment of LOCUS.


VR Mobile Unity

Team: Laksh Rajpal | Uday Somani | Atharva Vankundre

Introducing ‘Batmash’, a captivating VR game that places you in the wings of a young,mischievous bat inside a mysterious cave. Players use spatial audio cues to locate insects hidden within the shadows. The objective is to consume as many insects as possible before the break of dawn.


AR AR-Core Unity

Team: Samarth Dhanuka | Raghav Samodia | Mukul Mahajan | Abhishek Kshirsagar

‘CubiKill’ is an AR game where players strategically move king, smash, and cannon pieces on a Rubik's cube. The objective is to capture opponents' kings through thoughtful cube manipulation and strategic piece moves. With varied piece abilities, Cubikill delivers a captivating challenge in an augmented reality environment.

MULTUS : A Multitasking System for VR

VR MR Quest Unity

Team: Jishnu Diwakar | Anuj Ambhore | Aditi Chintey | Satvik Srivastava

MULTUS handles various issues in virtual reality menus. It allows for simultaneous access to multiple menus, which speeds up workflow and enhances productivity. Additionally improves menu layout to keep the user's view clear and develop immersion.

It helps interacting with multiple menus without disrupting their primary activities in the environment. Furthermore, the system has easy navigation and visual clues to help users understand menu hierarchies, resulting in a more user-friendly experience.

Human Anatomy AR

AR Marker-based Unity

Team: Madhumithan R

Anatomy AR in an interactive AR application which uses marker based AR to help kids learn human anatomy in a fun way. Using this one can rotate, zoom and toggle through various parts of the human body and interact with them instead of using the 2D textbook images to learn anatomy.

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