Move VR

Annu Verma | Anshuman Dixit | Samyak Kobragae | Nipurn Solanki | Meera Behera


MOVE VR digs into the endless possibilities of the use of VR tech in auto industry, the application provides the individual to move around the vehicle in real scale and experience the different serves and surfaces of it. This application offers user to select the desirable vehicle to appear in 3d real scale. The application starts with the interface giving two options for the user to select from these options are namely “exhibition mode” and “evaluation mode”. The exhibition mode take the viewer in to an exhibition interface with certain options of cars to select from, the selected car get scaled up and appears in from of the user in 3d form allowing the person to move around and see the car in all possible views, the objective is to make the viewer experience the car like a showroom. In addition to this there is a “evaluation mode”, here the viewer not just maneuver around the car but also evaluate it, this interface helps the viewer to closely view the surface and mark the mistakes or scope of improvements , the interface provides a set of markers which viewer can use to mark the irregularities or improvements in the model. Different softwares were been used in the entire process like unity, fusion, sketchbook pro , alias etc.