Music Expression in VR

Rishi Vanukuru | Maulashree Shanbhag | Amarnath Murugan

This is an image of a man with a virtual reality headset sitting in front of an electronic piano while playing it and looking to the left. The man and the piano are facing the viewer.

As part of a course on Design for Virtual Reality, the team of Amarnath, Maulashree and Rishi designed a VR application to help novice musicians gain a visual intuition for music theory concepts like harmony and scales. They created the virtual environments which consisted of visual landscapes that responded to a player’s musical input.

The physical position and scale of the real electronic keyboard was mapped to the virtual environment, and the Leap Motion sensor was used to allow players to see their hands in VR.

A short video demo of Music VR application

Here are few images of our demo:

This is an image of a participant playing the electronic piano while wearing the VR headset. There is a laptop screen with the visualisation at the bottom right left corner of the image.

A player in session (you can see the virtual environment on the screen at the bottom left)

A crowd of people surrounds the participant while they play the electronic piano and wear the VR headset simultaneously

Demonstration of the application