Arch Deck

Vineet Kamboj

ArchDeck is a collaborative ecosystem consisting of a Hololens and a desktop application. The ecosystem allows architects and designers to work in collaboration being present remotely or/and locally in real-time using mixed reality.

Archdeck was developed by Vineet Kamboj as part of his M.Des final project in 2018.

Video Overview

Demonstration of ArchDeck

User Interface Mockups

Here are some fo the UI related explorations, which led to the design decisions behind ArchDeck interactions. These were translated to the final working prototype for testing.

Archdeck overview

Archdeck overview
Sectioning in Archdeck Archdeck - UI Archdeck - Layers
ArchDeck - UI Mockups

User Testing

The prototype aplication was tested with users from Architecture background, to understand the interactions and further iterate on the interface and experience.

Testing Archdeck Testing Archdeck Testing Archdeck
ArchDeck - User Testing