Death in the Suburbs

Sanat Prasad | Jayesh Pillai


Till We Meet Again is a multi-storyline live-action VR film that was built with Cinévoqué.


This film presents an emotional journey of a small family, as seen from the father’s perspective. The user would be immersed in a space that is dear to the character, who is waiting for something or someone. Based on the users’ point of view and attention to specific details within that space, the story unfolds. In addition to the 360° narrative, this film presents the user with a stereo 3D and spatial audio experience. The experience has six possible endings and eight storylines.

Branching structure of Till We Meet Again
360° screenshots of Till We Meet Again

Each storyline has a different genre and the storylines are completely unlike each other.

Possible storylines of Till We Meet Again


This work was presented as a demo at VRCAI 2019 in Brisbane, Australia.

Demo at VRCAI 2019


  • Pillai J.S., Murugan A. and Dev A. (2019). “Till We Meet Again: A Cinévoqué Experience (Demo)”, in: 17th ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference on Virtual Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry (VRCAI) 2019, Brisbane, Australia.