Noopur Kumari Kashyap, Zulqarnain, Sajal Tak

DigiExcavator is VR JCB Simulator for new drivers to learn and explore the operation of JCB.



This project was done as a part of a two week course ‘Design for VR’. During which we ideated and prototyped VR based project. With DigiExcavator we intended to make JCB operation training easier and affordable using VR technology.

The project

JCB Simulator is a Virtual reality simulator to help new drivers learn and practice in a virtual environment. This JCB simulator has physical controllers that are similar to the ones present in a JCB. A virtual environment with some haptic feedback can provide a better experience of real world scenar-ios. There are two clear benefits of using this. First, a trainee can receive his/her initial training not directly on road and under different environmental conditions. Second, the training cost and the risks involved during training can be highly reduced.


The storyboard frame consists of steps involved in two major tasks of excavation process namely excavating rocks and soil and loading it to the cargo vehicle or a truck.


Prototyping Process

3D Modelling

We modelled and created two parts of the project to stimulate JCB operation training in VR ie. JCB Vehicle and Controllers. JCB Vehicle was used in virtual space, and controllers were then to be 3D printed.


3D Printing

The controllers were then 3D printed using a FlashForge 3D printer. It included a total of seven parts which were later assembled along with electrical components.


Controller Guide

The following controller guide shows the list of interactions and shows how to interact with controllers to achieve a specific action. It also shows the function of each controller (Right and Left) and its movement.


Final Outout

The video shows testing of DigiExcavator by various users. Users of various types explored and tested the prototype. As seen in the video, the controllers were assembled with arduino circuit. Also, the input from controller is mapped to the code in unity to operate virtual JCB.

DigiExcavator- A virtual Reality JCB Simulator