Dual Phone AR

Rishi Vanukuru | Amarnath M | Jayesh Pillai

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This project began as an M.Des P3 in the year 2020, by Rishi Vanukuru.

The project report can be found here.


Mobile Augmented Reality applications have become increasingly popular, however the possible interactions with AR content are largely limited to on-screen gestures and spatial movement. There has been a renewed interest in designing interaction methods for mobile AR that go beyond the screen. Mobile phones present a rich range of input, output, and tracking capabilities, and have been used as controllers for VR and Head-mounted AR applications. In this project, we explore the design space of using a second phone as a controller for mobile AR experiences. In doing so, we develop prototypes that demonstrate the use of a second phone controller for basic mobile AR tasks such as pointing, selecting and drawing in 3D space. We also build functional applications that make use of a second phone to both interact with AR content, as well as support cross-device computing. We use these prototypes and the initial insights from remote evaluations to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of such an interaction method. We conclude by outlining opportunities for future research on Dual Phone AR in collaborative settings, and in anticipation of wider use of Head-mounted Augmented Reality.

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Dual Phone AR

Teaser Video


One of the main outcome of this project is the Demo Application ARTWO.

This is an Android application that showcases the interaction possibilities of Dual Phone AR through a series of small demos.

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App Screens of ARTWO

To find out more and to download the application, please visit the app homepage:

ARTWO - Home Page

Do check Rishi’s website for further information on this, and other projects.

ARTWO user1 ARTWO user2
User-testing with ARTWO


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