Yeri Oram

Herold P Charles | Nupur Agarwal | Vicky Chandaliya

Yeri Oram is a 360 degree Music Video about the experience of the Powai lake view near IIT Bombay. This was created as part of the Virtual Reality module in 2016.

  • Written, Composed and Rendered by: Herold P. Charles
  • Editing: Azif Ismail
  • Sound: Sam Santhosh
  • Cast: Herold P. Charles
  • Crew Members: Nupur Agarwal, Vicky Chandaliya

The Music Video

Best Viewed in VR

Yeri Oram - 360° Music Video

Experimental Study

Jayesh Pillai | Azif Ismail | Herold P. Charles

As part of the larger research work on “Understanding the Grammar of VR Storytelling”, a study was conducted, focusing of the visual cues in 360 narratives. The Points-of-views and Cenre-of-Interests of 20 participants watching the 360 video were analysed, to gather insights regarding visual cues, and accordingly propose guidelines for VR film-makers.

Visual Cues 1
Frames of 20 participants watching the 360 music video with the Intended-View at the centre - Title to main scene transition

Visual Cues 2
Night shot with the main character moving around

Visual Cues 3
Shifts in scenes with the main character visually present at the same position


  • Pillai J.S., Ismail A., and Charles H.P. (2017). “Grammar of VR Storytelling: Visual Cues”, in: Virtual Reality International Conference 2017, Laval, France.