ScholAR Remote Study - Call for Participants

We’re conducting a study on using Mobile Augmented Reality for Remote Learning, as part of the ScholAR Project, where we are testing a Collaborative AR Classroom that we’ve developed, focusing on Mathematics for classes 6 to 8.

The idea is to see if we can use AR to recreate the social and physical dynamics of real classrooms - aspects that cannot be communicated through mere video calls. You can watch video demonstrations of our prototypes below.

If you are a mathematics teacher who would like to be a part of this study along with your class, or know teachers or schools who might be interested in participating, please fill this form - ScholAR Call for Participants - and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss further.

Please download our “AR Check” application on your Android Device from the Google Play Store to check whether your device can support our experiments -

Get it on Google Play


The following videos showcase our Remote AR classroom, where teachers and students can join the same AR classroom, talk and interact with each other, and work together with AR objects as well.

The first video focuses on how a teacher might work with a single student, while the second video shows how a teacher can simultaneously interact with multiple students.

Explainer video - Remote collaboration in AR - Teacher & student interaction

Explainer video - Remote collaboration in AR - Teacher + multiple students interaction

ScholAR Remote Study Poster