ARTWO - Dual Phone AR


ARTWO is an app that demonstrates how you can use a second phone to interact with Handheld Augmented Reality Experiences. We will be presenting ARTWO as a demonstration at UIST 2020 (project page), but if you’d like to try the app out yourselves, or watch videos about it, this page is for that.

  • You can download the ARTWO APK for installation on most Android Phones.
  • You will need two phones with this app - one to run AR, and the other to control it.
  • Only some phones can support AR. ARTWO will tell you if it can run on your device.

Download: ARTWO on Google Play

Get it on Google Play

If you are facing issues with the Google Play version, you could try out the following versions that use different Networking platforms:

**ARTWO Version 2: Networking with Photon **

ARTWO V2 Google Drive link

**ARTWO Version 1: Networking with MQTT **

ARTWO V1 Google Drive link

Overview Videos

The following videos show each of the demos from a user’s point of view.

Getting Started

Getting Started - Overview

AR Chessboard

AR Chessboard - Overview

Drawing in 3D

Drawing in 3D - Overview

Space InvadARs

Space InvadARs - Overview