Design for VR - Project Showcase 2022

Here presented are the outcomes from the course DE677: Design for Virtual Reality (Autumn Semester 2022).
Course Duration: 2 weeks
Project Developement: 1 week

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VR Quest Unity

Team: Nidhi Chauhan | Nidhin Joseph | Shweta Ratanpura | Vedang P.

Vaango is a VR game which uses spatial audio, directing you to collectable artifacts, ending in a celebration of life and culture, an analogy for going back to your roots. The Narrative is inspired from the song ‘Enjoy Enjammi’ by Dhee & Arivu, which also acts as the guiding soundtrack for the player.

For more information, visit the Project Link.

fina : File Management Interactions

VR Quest Unity

Team: Apoorv Anurag | Atish Waghwase | Cherian J. Iype | Prafulla Chandra

This project deals with novel hand gesture interactions for file management in a VR environment. Most current file management interactions use ray-casting either using a controller or a hand controlled pointer. We looked at different metaphors for interactions like selecting, copying, moving and deleting files. The interactions were designed around hand gestures like grabbing, hovering, poking, pinching and releasing. We prototyped our interactions into a scene based on the existing file explorer in the Oculus Quest 2. The final interactions we designed are single selection, multiple selection, range selection, copy to clipboard, move to clipboard and delete. The prototype is in the form of a tutorial guiding the user through each of the interactions.

This project was selected for the prestigious Laval Virtual Awards 2023.

For more information, visit the Project Link.

The Gregarian Skirmish

AR Mobile Unity

Team: Rayaan Sheik | Mithun Murali | Zuha Asif | Annapurna Garimella

The Gregarian Skirmish is a 2 player marker-based AR game. The game follows a storyline where the two war chiefs (Player 1 & Player 2) from the planet of Gregaria set out in search of a mystic energy source. The war chiefs found out that the one who acquires the mystic energy source will become the supreme commander of Gregaria. So they fight with each other using the army that is given to them. The winner will acquire the mystic energy source. The game is designed based on proximity sensing between different image targets and image target recognition. Players are given a set of cards and each time a card is placed the character pops up and interacts with the opponent’s character. Each win will reward the player with a hexagonal card. The objective of the game is to unlock a magical object by winning 6 hexagonal cards. These 6 hexagonal cards will be used to form an enclosure around the target card which unlocks the mystic energy source.

For more information, visit the Project Link.

Steal Like an Artist

VR Mobile Unity

Team: Abhinav Bansal | Alivia Chaudhuri | Anukriti Singh | Shivani Mule

Steal Like an Artist is a mobile VR game designed and developed in Unity. The objective of the game is purely entertainment. In this game, the player is supposed to enter the museum and steal the objects that belong to India. It has three different stages with increasing levels of difficulty; the end goal of the player is to complete all three levels and, in the last level, steal the Kohinoor. The main interactions that we are using here are - gaze-based interaction and proximity interaction, along with the audio instructions and feedback. The game is accessible to all through a virtual reality HMD having a button.

Amaze - A VR maze game

VR Quest Unity

Team: Hazique Kola | Sagarika Dam | Swati Yadav | Jaanhavi SP

Amaze is an interactive virtual reality game where the player is trapped in an endless simulation and the only way out is to solve the maze. As soon as the player mounts the VR headset, the madness begins. The clues hidden in every nook and corner of the game will lead the player to the end of the maze and to the final twist. Taking every opportunity to spook out the player, this game explores an eerie environment in first-person perspective.

For more information, visit the Project Link.


VR Mobile Unity

Team: Akshata Khare | Indubhusan Roy | Kunal Khawaskar | Shreyas Vernekar

The world of Glimmer is post-apocalyptic. This is a globe that has endured the horrors of humanity, and as a result of nuclear wars and global warming, it has turned into a place that is unfit for human habitation. This game provokes thought and is a satire on the status of humanity today. A quest to collect plants and save your family who have lost their resources. Your chances of survival are slim, but will you be able to collect plants and survive, or will you perish from dehydration in the toxic environment?

Rush Road

VR Mobile Unity

Team: Manan Sharma | Manish Sharma | Midhun Mohan | Prathmesh Pedamkar

Cross the road in rush hour traffic to reach the campus gate. If you make it without getting run over, this day will go down in history. See you on the other side. Good luck!

For more information, visit the Project Link.

Dusk in Ruins

VR Quest Unity

Team: Rubayat Ahmed | Deepak Milind Pendam | Manit Khare | Tejaswini Rajeshwar Pundge

Gamifying experience of rebulding the ruins and restoring IDC in a post apocalypse world.

Vantage Point

VR Mobile Unity

Team: Aamod Narkar | Parth Rathod | Ankit Anand | Sanika Deshpande

Vantage Point is a fun game designed to explore the VR experience. The game area consists of various monuments. Amongst these, a few of them are floating and fragmented into triangles of different sizes. The objective of the game is to identify the exact spot from which the fragmented monuments can be viewed as a complete object. The user has to navigate around the entire space and reach the correct point on the pathway. Currently, the demo level has 5 distorted monuments. The game can be extended by adding more levels to it with varied themes. The difficulty of the game can be further increased by adding a time limit to the game. Adding elements like energy cubes to increase the time limit will make the game more challenging.


VR Mobile Unity

Team: Prateek Pagore | Pratik Bansode | Sanskruti Landage | Snehal Gaikwad

Re-imagining the invisible cities by Italo Calvino into a VR experiential space, where literature meets multimedia. Olinda is an open-world VR experience which opens up a possibility for fiction readers to experience stories and become a part of it. Here you can explore the surroundings under a magnificent stretch of the night sky, through the rocky terrain and cities that have memories of the past. Starting from the middle, the city grows outward in concentric circles, giving experience of a different city with each passing step. Interact with the elements in the environment, find and collect various artifacts.

I Do C Xibit

AR Mobile Unity

Team: Akhil Krishna Pradeep | Amit Kumar | Angshuman Das | Pranay Dilip Gurumukhi

The need to communicate one's ideas the best is a fundamental need for every designer. Being able to visualize and to show the vision to others effectively is every designer's dream. To facilitate this need, our group thought we could create an AR-based application that would allow people to interact and better understand student work through digital interactive models.

See video here.

Kill Pill

AR Mobile Unity

Team: Rahul R. | Praveen Kuma | Vaibhav Watile | Uppili Nithin Soorya

KILL PILL is an AR based shooting game where you have to find the targets and destroy them. It gives a fun and engaging gaming experience to the user. In this the user needs to go around a 3D structure, look for pills, and shoot them. The pills are placed in such a way that one needs to observe closely, locate and then destroy them.


AR Mobile Unity

Team: Mugdha Dengle | Susovan Gupta

SolidAR is a learning tool for students who are learning the basics of platonic and Archimedean solids. It goes a step beyond the usual 2d representation and gives you a tangible impression of solids. By using the markers, it is a fun and intuitive way of grasping concepts. There is also information given about each solid which can be noticed in the AR.

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