Student Project ‘Fina’ showcased at Laval Virtual 2023

Fina - Laval Virtual 2023
Prafulla, Apoorv, Jeremiah & Prof. Jayesh (from left to right) at Laval Virtual 2023

Our students Prafulla Chandra, Apoorv Anurag, Cherian Jeremiah Iype and Atish Waghwase presented their project ‘Fina – File Management Interactions for VR’ at the international XR event Laval Virtual 2023, France, held from 12 to 16 April 2023.

The project was invited as part of the student demo competitions at the event. The project was adjudged a finalist in the competition.

Design of the handheld map Handheld map being used
Screencaptures from the demo

This project deals with novel hand gesture interactions for file management in a VR environment. The prototype was created during the two-week course ‘Design for Virtual Reality’ (DE 677), in the spring semester of 2022, under the guidance of Prof. Jayesh PIllai.

A brief explanation of the project is presented in the video below:

Fina – Explainer Video

The details of the project are documented here: Fina @ Behance