Design for VR - Autumn 2022

Welcome to the course homepage of DE677 - Design for Virtual Reality.
(12 Sep - 23 Sep 2022)


Below is the course schedule for the two weeks and the corresponding venues.

DE677 Course Schedule - Autumn 2022


24/09/2022: Here’s a 360 degree image of the demo session: Demo Session 2022.

23/09/2022: The outcomes from this course (2022) are updated here: Project Showcase for Design for VR 2022.

11/09/2022: The invited speakers this time are:

  1. Aditya Vishwanath (Founder of Inspirit VR) & Rohan Jhunja (IDC alumnus, @Inspirit) [15 SEP]
  2. Anokhi Shah (Creative Director at IOVR Space & Curator at TIFA Working Studios) [15 SEP]
  3. Neha Mayacharya (Immersive Experience Designer at Cemtrex Labs) [15 SEP]
  4. Atish Patel (Co-founder of InfiVR and OoBI & IDC alumnus) [16 SEP - online mode]
  5. Amarnath Murugan (Researcher, MS Comp. Sci., at University of Utah) [19 SEP - online mode]

1/09/2022: The outcomes from Autumn 2021 can be found here: Project Showcase for Design for VR 2021.

28/08/2022: Visit the Companion Page added by Rishi Vanukuru, where you will find instructions on how to set up your systems for XR development.

Lecture Outline

  1. History
    • Evolution of Communication Media
    • Evolution of Virtual Reality
  2. Present
    • VR & Technology
    • How & Why VR Works
    • Design Process:
      a. Interactive Experiences
      b. 360 Narratives
  3. Future
    • Applications of XR
    • Potential of XR